In accordance with the guidelines laid by the developers of PDL, the PDL Association recommends the following steps:

  • PDL Basic Training comprising a minimum of 120 classroom units.

  • Participating in a PDL language class in a foreign language
    Taking part in a PDL language course allows you to experience the effectiveness of PDL at a personal level, thus enabling you to better understand the structure and progression of the various exercises and activities implemented in PDL. You will experience firsthand what is demanded of a PDL trainer and how different the role of a trainer can be.
  • Co-training
    After completing basic training in PDL, if possible, you should start off by co-teaching with an experienced PDL trainer. Having the chance to share and reflect on actual experiences will deepen your understanding of PDL both from a practical and from a theoretical standpoint.

  • Supervision
    We highly recommend that PDL trainers take advantage of supervision while conducting a PDL course to foster professionalism, deepen perception and broaden practical skills.

  • Further Training
    We also recommend attending courses on specific subjects in areas such as PDL, Psychodrama, Gestalt, group dynamics, theater pedagogy, etc.