PDL Presentations and Introductions

A first encounter with PDL. Get to know the PDL method and its potential, various aspects in foreign language acquisition and its fields of application. See appointments here.

PDL Basic Training

Become a PDL Trainer! Learn the PDL method and the PDL techniques and exercises which will eich your language classes. Acquire the know-how to conduct PDL courses yourself. Discover the many ways to reduce or remove your participants speaking inhibitions, and ignite the learner's intrinsic motivation and joy of learning. Find a course here.

Seminars and Workshops

Subject specific, targeted, compact workshops. In-depth workshops for individual issues and aspects related to language acquisition and or PDL.

Subjects may cove a variety of topics, for example Pronunciation, Grammar, free and spontaneous speaking as well as the application of PDL in the scholastic context, or work with refugees, etc. You can find workshops here